Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Expression is Not a Crime

Super 8 film shot as part of a Nickel Film Festival/St. John's International Jazz Festival collaborative project. Filmmakers were challenged to shoot a piece in-camera, with no edits and have it scored by a partner musician. I shot film to reflect my thoughts on the fancy new anti graff writing by-laws brought in by St. John's City Council in 2008. This piece of film was originally called "311" (the phone number citizens can call to report seeing graffiti) and was scored by Russtafari.

Today I thought I would edit the rolls to a song I have written on the same subject. After experimenting for awhile I discovered that the reels fit perfectly on top of the song in terms of time, which was kind of freaky. So here is the first reel up above and the second reel below, both edited in camera and laid on top of "Expression is Not a Crime" from my "alien" CD. Mike Kean, Steve Abbott and Alex Pierson play with me on this track.

It is pretty funny how some of the images work with the song here:) I may eventually re-edit a new piece using both reels, as so many edits are suggested. Please contact me or just take this footage to re edit if u r so inclined, and please repost if you do:) Lots of recognizable St. John's faces in there.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Melody Neglected at RCA

This month Resource Center for the Arts hosted a live reading of my newest play - Melody Neglected - in the freshly renovated LSPU Hall Second Space. This reading was the final part of the Write On program - an excellent annual playwright workshopping process, this year facilitated by Ed Riche. I had a real dream team of actors working on this one, as you can see below.pictured here: Amy House (RCA Artistic Animateur), Megan Coles, Emily Bridger, Colin Furlong, Geraldine Hollett, Liz Solo, Nicole Rousseau, Neil Butler, Didi Gillard-Rowlings. photo by Peter Rompkey.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Slide Show at Eastern Edge

I am stoked to have been contacted by Elly Clarke of the Clarke Gallery in Germany (via our mutual friend Scott Kildall - thanks Scott!) and asked to present my Slide Show - A Trip Around the World by Liz Solo - at the Eastern Edge Gallery on Saturday, May 8 at 3 PM. This slide presentation is a part of the traveling WUNDERKAMMER show. WUNDERKAMMER is making a one-day appearance at The Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John's, Newfoundland. The show presents the work of all 11 Berlin-based/Clarke Gallery artists whose work was already shown on 22nd April in Berlin and introduces two new works - by Canadian artists Eryn Foster and Terry Piercey.

Curated by Elly Clarke and Jessica Brouder, Wunderkammer is the German translation of Cabinet of Curiosities and this is the first Clarke Gallery exhibition to travel beyond the confines of Elly's Berlin apartment. WUNDERKAMMER in St. John's has been brought to Canada from Berlin in Jessica's hand luggage. WUNDERKAMMER in St. John's incorporates sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, performance ephemera and A Slide Show by... Liz Solo (at 3pm).

We are very grateful to Eastern Edge Gallery for hosting WUNDERKAMMER in St. John's. Eastern Edge Gallery is Newfoundland and Labrador’s first non-profit artist-run centre established in 1984. Overlooking the St. John’s harbour, Eastern Edge offers support, professional development, a sense of community, information and resource-sharing and a meaningful context for contemporary artistic activity.

in St. John's
8th May 2010, 12pm-5pm

With A Slide Show by Liz Solo at 3pm

Eastern Edge Gallery
Jessica Brouder
Elly Clarke
Julian Eicke
Eryn Foster
Alexander Heaton
Liz Fletcher
Sophia New and Dan Belasco / plan b
Terry Piercey
Christian Sievers
Vajra Spook
Anna-Myga Kasten
Kym Ward
Andrea Winkler