Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kelowna Rocks

This wicked photo is by Kelowna based photographer (and great guy) Paul Lewenden. (Paul was also indispensable during the technical set-up of the Alternator installation - see next post)

So this is Liz Solo playing for bunny and Silverado Socrates with horsehead - in a limo, of course.

My trip to Kelowna was totally great. Jen Pickering - gallery director of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art- was a wonderful host and arranged many exciting outings and workshops during my stay out West. One of the events was a road trip, in a limo, through the mountains and deserts of the Okanagan. A video of this trip - "Great Friday" - is coming soon from the Alternator folks. Can't wait. I am halfway through writing a song called "Kelowna Rocks" and thinking about another new song called "Bunny in a Limo".

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live Home Alien Birth

These photos are from the performance of "Live Home Alien Birth" that took place at the Alternator Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Kelowna B.C. in April 2009. Performance by Second Front and the Avatar Orchestra metaverse. Much more documentation from this project coming soon. These photos by the amazing Bibbe Hansen of the Second Front