Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kelowna Rocks

This wicked photo is by Kelowna based photographer (and great guy) Paul Lewenden. (Paul was also indispensable during the technical set-up of the Alternator installation - see next post)

So this is Liz Solo playing for bunny and Silverado Socrates with horsehead - in a limo, of course.

My trip to Kelowna was totally great. Jen Pickering - gallery director of the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art- was a wonderful host and arranged many exciting outings and workshops during my stay out West. One of the events was a road trip, in a limo, through the mountains and deserts of the Okanagan. A video of this trip - "Great Friday" - is coming soon from the Alternator folks. Can't wait. I am halfway through writing a song called "Kelowna Rocks" and thinking about another new song called "Bunny in a Limo".

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