Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Azdel and Echo

It has been more than a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand (a.k.a. Azdel Slade and echolalia Azalee in SL) as machinimatographer. I have been documenting some of their performances in Second Life, most recently virus.circus.touch that took place simultaneously at Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo New York and live in the virtual environments of Second Life.

Here is machinima of the performance from the Second Life Perspective:

And here I have superimposed the real life video of the performance and the machinima of the performance. Much is suggested here, in terms of ideas for merging live real and virtual performance - in video anyway. (live performance footage starts at about 2 minutes in)

Here is the video of the live performance from the New York perspective, shot by by Alice Alexandrescu

virus.circus.touch // micha cárdenas and elle mehrmand from azdel slade on Vimeo.

I love Azdel's guts. And Echo's guts. And guts.

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