Thursday, June 10, 2010


Steve Abbott and I had a great time co-hosting this year's Chromatose Animation Festival - a presentation of the Black Bag Media Collective. Here we are pictured above in a photo by Nauris Nikans admiring one of the videos as it plays in on our monitor.

The Chromatose Anymation Festival takes it name from an invented word chromatose - meaning critical overdose of color (created by me and steve) and the word anymation coined by the Croatian anymator Tom Jantol. For a full explanation of the concept of anymation here is a link to Tom's Anymation Manifesto. Tom Jantol is an old friend and friend of the BBMC and I am his number one fan.

Tom's work was featured throughout the festival. The Chromatose Anymation Festival also screened new animations and machinima from around the world, including videos by Osprey Therian, Rose Borchovski, Pyewacket Kazyanenko, Robbie Dingo and over two dozen others. The festival also screened Eat the Feeling - a piece I created for the React 2010 exhibit in collaboration with Vancouver's Erik Hoff Rzepka.

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