Sunday, March 16, 2008

Questing for Sigilbringer

So.. I have been shooting away in WoW and also trying to get my levels up so I can have access to lots of props and have knowledge of the lay of the land. I have been spending some of my time working with Sigilbringer - a.k.a. media artist Jeremy Owen Turner - who is developing his own rather esoteric project in World of Warcraft based on the shaman character of Sigilbringer. On Sunday nights we meet up with the friendly folks from Ars Virtua. They run guild in WoW that works with artists interested in intersecting/interpreting the environment, creating new work inside of the environment and also just having good old fashioned gaming fun. My Sunday night WoW sessions have been devoted to working with Sigilbringer to help him on his Shaman based piece. Mostly we have been working on leveling and getting Sigibringer all of his totems - something he will need for the final manifestation of his piece.

Here is a little documentation of Sigilbringer and Dorka ( a shaman I created to assist Sig in his quest), accompanied by Woshaman of Ars Virtua, attempting to Vanquish those frigging Betrayers. Woshaman teaches us the value of having a healer in our midst. After all the the slaying we sleep at Razor Hill Inn.

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